Croydon’s reputation as the ‘Silicon Valley of South London’ is quickly growing, and helping your business join the growing local economy of tech based companies is Croydon Tech City. Here at CELF, we like to help our local businesses find other networks that could help them thrive, and Croydon Tech City are a great ally for anyone looking to support their tech company.

A not-for-profit that provides great support for tech start-ups in the area, Croydon Tech City also holds events with industry leaders designed to educate and inspire start-ups.

Through the Tech City programme, young businesses can thrive with the connections and support that is provided in those crucial first years of any business. Along with financial support provided by the Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund,  Croydon based businesses can get a flying start in the local economy with the Tech City.

A champion of the tech community, visit the Croydon Tech City website: and look at their Twitter feed to stay updated on the latest events.

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