We’ve been told it since we started work, but networking really is important. Connections across the business world are important to have for all types of prospects. Whether for a potential client, mentor or a new employer, making connections within your industry is a vital step in navigating the world of work. Networking can be especially important for small businesses when they’re beginning to grow, as you can find valuable business allies who have been in your shoes and can help you drive your business forward. We’ve put together some key steps for getting networking right.

  1.  Don’t be too pushy

Whether you’re trying to win that dream job or get a keynote speaker for your event, people will not appreciate being hassled at events or by email. Be polite and make your request once. People will appreciate your patience more than nagging.

2. Get in touch with people ahead of time

Engage with your connections before you need that favour. This way you won’t look like you’re only calling because you need something. Invest your time in someone else’s business and they’ll be more likely to help you out when the need arises.

3. Listen to what people are saying

People often only want to advance their own agenda and won’t really listen to what other people are saying. Take time to really listen to other people – they might have some valuable advice that’s relevant to you that you could miss out on.

4. Talk to as many people as possible

Even if there’s one particular person you think may be of interest to you, talk to as many people in your field or an event as possible. A range of opinions and expertise is much more useful than just getting one person to consult on your business idea. The more opinions you get, the more informed you will be.

5. Never be dismissive

People could always have information you never knew you needed. Some people might surprise you and could be useful in helping you grow your business if you take time to talk to them and discover their experience and skill set.


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