Whether you’re an established business and need some advice on legal matters, or you’ve get a seed of an idea of a business you’d like to start, Start & Grow is your perfect know-how companion. A new e-learning platform created by Nwes, Start & Grow offers a completely free, personalised courses on every element of business skills. From a beginners module on starting a business to finance for growth and government support, Start & Grow covers every topic that a new entrepreneur needs to learn, from the comfort of your own home, 24/7.

The modernisation of business learning is an incredibly exciting project and will allow Nwes’ business support to reach even more young businesses. The online e-learning site is designed to complement the existing Nwes advice structure available to businesses. The programme is also designed to help businesses survive the crucial first few years where most businesses collapse. The skills most crucial for this survival: social marketing, e-commerce and taking on staff, are all available on the Start & Grow platform.

After launching this week, the platform is now up and running to help your business thrive. Ready when you are.

(image: https://startandgrow.uk/)

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