Starting a business on your own is no easy task, and many people are discouraged by the idea of going it alone. Luckily, the idea that new business entrepreneurs are in it by themselves is usually no longer true, and there are now a multitude of networks, advice platforms, online resources and mentoring programs to provide business owners with the help and support they need to make a flying start.

Expert business advice is a relatively recent addition to the support community, enabling individual entrepreneurs to receive expert knowledge tailored specifically to them.  Don’t underestimate the value of this expert advice. You can be as researched in your field as possible, but a fresh pair of eyes, from someone who has set up their own business before can provide you with solutions, questions and recommendations that you would not necessarily have considered otherwise. Advisors can also be a great source of motivational support, and serve as experienced role models having often been in your position before.

Here in Croydon, our new and small business community is booming and we want to give every entrepreneur the access to expert advice that will help their business ventures thrive. One of the advisory programmes we have in place is Finance Thursday. In conjunction with Croydon Council, Finance Thursday is a monthly series of one-to-one sessions, offering budding entrepreneurs skills and advice in all things finance, from establishing payroll to tax guidance and advice on loan applications. The sessions are completely free to attend and are held at Sussex Innovation Centre and you can register for your space on the next one here.

Of course, financing is just one consideration of many when planning a new business. Expert advice can cover areas such as marketing, business modelling, stress testing, PR; the list goes on. There’s a wealth of advice available in all of these areas across the Nwes network. Another great initiative providing business advice is the Start, Scale, Grow masterclasses. Delivered by Enterprise for London, the current program of free masterclasses each tackle a different area, taught by experts from the field. You can find out more about the program here.

Business networks around you like these are specifically designed to help start-ups and growing businesses, just like yours. Take advantage of these platforms to meet and exchange tips with like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as attending masterclasses and one-to-one sessions. Properly used, these tools can and will help your business to succeed – and you’ll have a support base of business-minded entrepreneurs rooting for you to succeed.


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