With all permissions granted for the construction of the new Westfield Shopping Centre, the project has been pushed back for an early 2019 start.

Some people would argue that this delay is a problem. But this could be an opportunity for you and your business. Why could this delay be beneficial? Getting your business growing before the arrival of the new shopping centre could mean you could benefit from lower rent and overheads before Westfield arrives. 

Whilst Westfield gets its plans in place, you can establish your business a resilient and integral part of the local economy.

Even with the delay, the vote of confidence in Croydon’s developing businesses is clear. Investment around construction of the centre will mean more cash flow in the local economy – including your business. Why not see how the Croydon Loan Fund could help get your business off to a flying start?

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-black-and-white-building-business-264471/

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